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Why Bolt-on Bobber kits

Black op Bobber Kits are carefully engineered rear fender bolt-on kits for your motorcycle. Which for most will save you the hassle of welding or Fabricating , trial and error and buying expensive parts that don't fit. Since these kits are specifically tailored to each model of motorcycle they are guaranteed to work and Take around one hour to bolt on. And if you wish at a later date to return your bike back to stock , No problem Since they are complete Bolt-on Kits  It would be like it was never there.

Seat Mounts And Seats


Seat mounts engineered for that old school springer seat.

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Heat shields


Exhaust heat shields coming soon.

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 Bolt on Kit   

bobber fender

For a more subtle look the stinger, same great design Little less Flare for those that want to look good but prefer some modesty .

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fender blanks

Various tire sizes

Motorcycle fender

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